Best Acne Treatment 2017 for Oily Skin

Oily SkinThis product is excellent solution for people with oily skin who would like to fight acne.

Oliy skin is the hardest type of skin that can be handled by a typical acne product. Most acne product failed to give it best due the inability to handle the oil itself. If the oil can’t be controlled, acne will spread like wild fire in the wood.

If you wonder why Exposed Skin Care works for oily skin, you will have your answer here.

There is one acne solution that becomes part of Exposed product lines called Moisture Complex. This is not an ordinary moisturizer product. Most products that come with moisture ingredients is only moisture the skin, but not remove the oil from the skin.

The Moisture Complex is different. It contains natural moisturizer that works by prevent the hair follicles that responsible for oil production to stop producing excessive oil, or usually called as sebum. Once the oil can be contaminated, acne is now can be treated.

Of course, you need more than Moisture Complex to get rid of acne. Remember that the moisturizer will stop the production of oil, make your skin fresh, but in order to clear acne thoroughly while the moisturizer do it’s job, you need another type of acne solution.

There are other products from Exposed that divide into Basic Kit that contain 5 products, Expanded Kit which contain 6 products, and the larger kit is the Ultimate Kit which contain all of the nine product lines of Exposed.

Basically, in order to get rid oily skin and its acne, the Basic Kit is enough. The Moisture Complex already included in the kit. The other product lines included in the Basic Kit that will take care your acne is the Acne Treatment Serum, Clear Pore Serum, and Facial Cleanser Serum.

Here is the process of how Exposed skin care work to remove acne when your skin is the oily type.

exposedApply Moisture Complex first. This will also act as a foundation for your skin. Then, as mentioned above, this will moist your skin, make it easy to work with. And the moist will replace all the oil where you apply it. After you have successfully stop the oil production, it is now the time to work the acne.

Now apply the Acne Treatment Serum. This will kill all the bacteria that formerly stay at the oil that currently trap on the moist skin. Once the bacteria gone, the serum will dry up acne. During this phase, skin pore will damage and harsh. It is normal, because like it or not, the acne will fall out by breaking the pores.

Now it’s time to rejuvenate your pores. Apply the Clear Pore Serum to your face. Allow it to work for about an hour. It will help your skin produce more collagen that really useful to close the wholes on the pores.

The last thing you want to do is to clear your face with the Facial Cleanser. Use it just like any other Facial Cleanser. Wash it with water. And last but no least, there is one more product under the Basic Kit that left to be use. That is the Derm X Cloth. Wipe your face with it. The cloth will take everything left on your skin, including dead skin cells.

If you use Exposed Skin Care product in thorough, there is no way that you can’t clear your skin from acne although your skin is oily.

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