Best Acne Treatment for Steroid Users 2017


The elevated activity of the sebaceous follicles in reaction to androgen hormones usually causes the growth of acne signs. This happen whenever a person start using steroids.

Much like what happens during adolescence, when large amounts of androgen testosterone levels peak, it can increase the development rate and the size of the sebaceous follicles.

Not only that, steroids that comes from muscle development nutritional supplement can also promote acne appearances.

High amounts of sebum production can raise the prevalence of pores clog. The increased sebum also can speed up the development of the acne-causing bacteria, Propioni bacterium acne, which utilizes the sebum as growing fields. Increased sebum levels may also lead to inflammation around the skin, leading to sever acne.

There are variables and cross-responding factors in regards to anabolic steroids‘ side effects you should know . First, it’s strongly urged that any steroid treatment and usage should always be use under the oversight of an experienced medical professional. Illegal steroid usage is not safe and can result on unwanted side effects or even legal problem.

Clearly, ceasing anabolic steroid use is one option, although perhaps not realistic in many instances. Also, discontinuing use of steroids might not really as a best move to solve acne symptoms. Acne may continue to spread after steroid use is discontinued. Luckily, people with steroid acne have many treatment choices available to them.

Retinoids – External retinoids and both oral retinoids can help remove acne symptoms in many people and reduce sebaceous gland process. But there’s some research that suggests that oral retinoids (Accutane)healing effects is many times better compare to the topical one. Topical retinoids are successful in some circumstances, but they are generally less successful against inflammatory, nodular and cystic forms of acne. Sadly, inflammatory acne is pretty common.

Antibiotics – There are a wide variety of oral and topical antibiotics which were proven to be workable as acne solution. For instance, topical antibiotics generally have work well to against inflammatory acne. There also oral type of antibiotics which are proven to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Androgen Inhibitors – While it’s not likely that the person who’s using anabolic steroids would want to consider using a systemic androgen inhibitor, there are a number of external androgen inhibitors available. These external androgen inhibitors are used to reduce the effect of acne on the skin. There are many evidence from many researches showing its effectiveness.

Over the Counter Drugs – For moderate cases of steroid induced acne, over the counter medicines that contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and other antibacterial/keratolytic compounds may be helpful in removing acne symptoms. These drugs are usually most successful with light, non-inflammatory (Sort 1 acne) and are successful against acne symptoms that are moderate and severe. However, for severe acne caused by steroid, you need much better solution.

Exposed Skin Care product is a acne treatment with a combination of scientific ingredients and natural ingredients. Both ingredients work in synergy to give its users the best result possible. So while you take steroids, it also advisable to use Exposed products to control your acne.

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