Best Acne Treatment Ingredients 2017

The finest acne solution products start with the finest well researched ingredients. And high costs or excellent promotion do not always mean that the product is the most powerful one. Try to find some of these ingredients when you seek for the most appropriate acne treatment options in the Internet marketplace.

Below are the ingredients that Exposed Skin Care consist of.

Main Scientific Ingredients – The Key to Its Effectiveness

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is commonly use by many products for acne treatment. It works by paring the skin, get rid bacteria, and make the pores clean and hygiene. While it seem removing acne and pimples by paring the skin may seem harsh and dangerous, peeling a small amount of skin can help your skin to remove skin cells that blocked your pores and it will give your skin the chance to fight acne.

If you have Benzoyl peroxide in hands, in the form of prescription acne solution, try using it from the lowest concentration first. Many dermatologist suggest that a 2-2.5% of concentrate is more than enough to start the treatment. Benzoyl peroxide is often discovered in lotion, cream, and gel products and may be a vital factor in both prescription and over the counter acne treatments.

Exposed products contain sufficient amount of Benzoyl Peroxide. This will guarantee that the users will apply a significant amount of Benzoyl Peroxide needed to clear acne. Not more or not less. It will also promote safe usage.


Next one is sulfur. Recent research revealed that sulfur can help people with acne to get clear skin immediately. When used right, lotions, cleansers and sulfur masks can dry out the top layer of your skin and open the blocked pores and stop the oil production and the development of bacteria. It is vital that you follow directions when applying acne treatment products that made fully from sulfur. You may find yourself burning skin cells as opposed to treating them, if too much using it.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is among the most popular ingredients that many of acne products consist of. This acid can remove acne by exfoliating skin pores and and stopping skin cells from being dead. This acid is special because the skin can absorb it, allowing it to clear acne from beneath the skin surface, directly to its root.

There are various cream or products that prevent and to overcome acne by mixing salicylic acid treating ingredients with other products. Combining moisturizing product with acne solution product may be advantageous because some redness and skin inflammation can be caused by salicylic acid. To avoid this, moisture agent is needed. That’s why Exposed Skin Care also include a product name Moisture Complex to accompany the rest of eight products.

Natural Ingredients To Make It As A Better Acne Treatment

Exposed features a blend of natural ingredients to help enhance skin tone and treat your skin. So Exposed skin care is not just about acne, but also about skin health and beauty.

Green Tea

Green Tea is considered as one of the best natural ingredients to remove any type of acne. The most useful benefit of Green tea is the fact that it has the ability to kill dangerous and harmful acne bacteria.It also found that Green Tea contain high amount of antioxidant that work to act as protection for skin.That’s why Green Tea is very important to be included inside every premium acne treatment product.

Passion Flower Extract

For centuries, this natural herbal has been used to treat many types of illnesses. But today, it is used to make your skin smooth and moist. The main benefit of Passion Flower Extract is this herb can act as anti inflammatory. Therefore, most acne problem related to inflammation such as redness and irritation can be overcome or avoided.

Licorice Root Extract

By having Licorice extract, an acne treatment product will have the power to reduced any type of acne inflammation, lighten acne scars, and reduce if not eliminated redness.

Tea Tree

Just like any other type of natural ingredients above, Tea Tree has been serving human for centuries to give people a relief from many ailments. Tea tree contain elements that act as anti bacterial. It also have the ability to stimulate our body to produce and boost immune system. Therefore, our body will have stronger fight to win against illnesses. Obviously, to treat acne, you need a supercharge antibacterial components to allowed your body to fight acne. That’s where Tea tree comes in.

Aloe Vera

Most products that serve the health and beauty industry used Aloe vera, and it is for a greater good. This famous herbs has the ability to give its users a soothing effects while moisturize skin. When you fight acne, your skin need to be soothed and moisturize first. It is why Exposed Skin Care product lines contain aloe vera. Does Aloe vera remove acne? No, but it will help the other ingredients to perform their job to clear acne effectively.

Sage Extract

Compare to other natural ingredients above, Sage Extract is the most important one. Why? Because Sage Extract is a natural anti inflammatory herb. Therefore, every time you apply Exposed products, you will avoid new acne coming back. Sage Extract help the skin soothe and clean, free of oil, guarantee that new acne will not back in anytime soon. Sage Extract also act as antioxidant that will protect your skin from free radicals 24 hours a day.

As mentioned previously, Exposed Skin Care contain all of these powerful ingredients. By applying it, it is obvious that acne will gone.

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