Does It Work in 2017?

Exposed SkincareBy contacting their customer support, we have been told that there are 98% of customers who actually applied the product as is, get their skin free from acne in a relatively short period of time.

So it also safe to assumed that only 2% of people who actually bought this acne product asked for a return or claimed their money back guarantee. That is the lowest product return percentage that a company is hardly to get. For your information, 15% of return is usually considered as normal.

Exposed Skin Care is not the only product found on the Internet selling acne solution, but they is actually the first one who use many strong natural additives that combined with safe to use scientific ingredients that finally resulted as the best acne treatment in 2017.

Whether you live on US, Canada, UK, India, Singapore, Philippine, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, or anywhere in the world, this product is available to order.

You can rest assured that this product will work for you based on these few reasons:

  • Health Spa & clinical strength quality which giving spa houses and dermatologist a trust to encouraged their customers and clients to use this product in order to get rid acne faster.
  • Removes acne thoroughly and keep your skin clear, bright, and healthy.
  • The comments from their users are excellent and the 365 days guarantee is offered by the company for your purchase.

There are also many YES’s for these below categories when it compared to other acne products:

Scientific Ingredients: YES ( Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid )
Natural Ingredients: YES (Green Tea, Passion Flower, Aloe Vera, Sage Extract, Tea Tree Oil )
Total Acne Removal : YES
User Satisfaction: YES
Maintain Skin Health to Avoid Acne Comeback: YES
Money Back Guarantee: YES
Continual Discount: YES

Best Acne Products 2017 – Let’s See The Comparison

Below is a comparison table and chart showing four top acne products side by side.

Product Name
Overall Ratings
Official WebsiteExposed Skin CareZenmedClearPoresProactiv
Scientific Ingredients
Benzoyl Peroxide
Glycolic Acid
Salyclic Acid
Natural Ingredients
Sage Extract
Passion Flower
Green Tea
Tea Tree Oil
Aloe Vera
Customer Reviews
Effective For These Skin Types:
Combination of Skin Type
Oily Skin
Sensitive Skin
GuaranteeFull Year - 365 Days60 Days90 Days60 Days
Product Website

Why Exposed is The Best

You will find lots of recommendations for Exposed Skincare, especially if you here to see the posts on this website. We wouldn’t spent lot of times writing it if we did not have accurate data about this amazing worth of product that work for most individuals, men, and women who’ve acne and really eager to get rid of them fast, easy, and successfully.

The product prices of each product line or packages are tough to beat. Acne types that it can handle also varied compared to other products.

The company has invented a ground-breaking variety of skincare which prevents and stop all the appearances of acne. All of the acne fighting ingredients in Exposed leave all its competitor behind for the terms of effectiveness and results.

Instead of relying exclusively on medical ingredients that are dangerous and harmful to fight acne bacteria, it uses just the quantity of scientific ingredients in precise measure that needed to cure acne.

To add it effectiveness, some useful herbs also added. These herbs are commonly use to clear skin and to kill acne bacteria, renewing and exfoliating acids,and also rapidly fades scars and help keep a clear complexion.

Exposed Skin Care Basic Kit

Exposed Skin Care Kit

There are few products under this basic kit since removing acne will require more than one acne solution. You need few working products to clear acne effectively. Acne is something that need to be treated in continual basis using specific treatment that work for each specific causes of acne.

So its no surprise that many acne solution includes variations of acne treatment in one package of product. No exception with this product.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend lot of money just to get Exposed product lines. Instead, when compared with other successful acne solution in the marketplace, this product is much more affordable.

Each packages come with promotion code where you can cut the origin price to the bottommost. Depend on the products you purchase, you can get between 40%-50% of discount that worth more than $20 of price cut.


Now you might want to know what are the eight useful and effective acne solution that this product have so you can have a full insights of what you will get after purchasing it. Below is how you can use every kit for maximum result.

How to Use Exposed Skin Care System – The Steps You Need to Know

To make this product work properly, you need to apply it correctly. Below you will learn what the benefits are, and why each of this product is important to clear acne effectively.

1. Facial Cleanser

facial cleanserThe best facial cleanser should not make your skin become dry. When it used, it will identify what type of skin you have and work with it. When you flush with water, it will start lift and finally remove dead pores gently and carefully, and since this facial cleanser contain Sage extract, it will also kill all the bacteria on currently live on your current acne.

Beside Sage extract, it also contain Salicylic acid, and Pro Vitamin B5; the ingredients needed to smoother the skin effectively.

2. Clearing Tonic

clearing tonicTo accompany a good facial cleanser, there also good clearing tonic that contain green tea extract. If you dealing with stubborn oily skin, you will love this tonic. It will reduce the oil and avoid your skin to produce excessive oil in just after applying it.

In addition, there are natural ingredients contained on the clearing tonic which comprise and fortified with aloe vera, sage,passion flower extracts, and another 1.0% of Salicylic acid that work ingeniously to prevent acne appearances and oil.

3. Acne Treatment Serum

clear pore serumInflammation is another severe problem that every person with severe acne need to face. Inflammation often appear in sensitive skin. Therefore, the acne treatment serum contain Azelaic acid that will reduce the inflammation or redness, especially for the acne appearances on cheeks and nose. The acid also work perfectly to get rid of black or brownish pigmentation.

Pore Serum

Pore serum is mostly work to clear your skin from blackheads. Apply it at night and leave it all night to the morning. During your sleep, the Pore serum will start working by crushing the hard to dissolve oils and finally open up the blackheads or whiteheads if you have them.

After using it for at least two times, the blackheads will start fall out, a freedom you asked for. The serum will heal the pores fast and shield the pores to avoid dust, dirt, or bacteria intrude. This will also avoid you from having that big pore whole on the face.

You can have this basic kit for only $29.95.


4. Derm-X Exfoliating Cloth

This is not just a cloth for aDerm-X Exfoliating Cloth facial wash and wipe; this is actually a dermatologist microdermabrasion approved cloth that can be use at the same time with its facial cleanser to clean your face after cleansing it with water. The cloth will effectively remove dead skin cells and whiteheads or blackheads residue. This will result in clearer glow skin and it will also fade acne scars gradually.


The cloth is soft and really comfortable to use. The surface is not harsh, but gentle. A little tips for you: when you done with it, just simply squeeze and dry it out in the open air.

You can get this as The Basic 5-Piece Kit for only $49.95.


5. Moisture Complex

moisture complex As the name suggest, it help your dry skin gone. You can apply it twice a day. It will replace your oily skin with a moist and nice to touch face skin. The Moisture Complex made with a blend of caffeine, pumpkin, green tea, and extract of lemon which really effective to produce moisture feels to the skin.

By regularly applying it, you could also avoid blackheads and inflammation from appearing. This moisturiser is mostly great as a pre-make-up base for your skin. Although you wear your make up all day long, your skin will always feel moist and not dry.

It does not contain an oil type of ingredients, so it will not make your skin look shiny.

6. Microderm Scrub

If you look carefully at many scrub product, you will undoubtedly found that they contain aluminum element, which really dangers for the microderm scrubskin. It actually dry the skin out. In the contrary, Microderm Scrub do not contain such aluminum, instead it made from corundum crystals which will carefully remove acne without causing acne scars or dry skin.

As a scrub, it has granules. You can rest assured that the granules are really super fine to make sure that it ruptured even the tiniest pimples and dead skin cells. After few times of application, you will start seeing smoother skin, less acne scars, and no more skin discoloration.

You can get these six product lines as The Expanded 6-Piece Kit for only $59.95


7. Clarifying Mask

clarifying maskInstead of containing materials that can cause your skin to dry such as alcohol, this Clarifying mask only contain vitamin E, purified water, kaolin, aloe vera.

Recommended usage for this mask is twice a week. If applying as suggested, it can help you remove blackheads, whiteheads, and impurities residue. Few main ingredients will act as a treatment for acne blemishes.

After your initial usage, the mask will act as a foundation to your skin. You skin will feel tight after 10 minutes using it. When you finish, simply wash it with water. The result will be a smaller pores and the reduction of inflammation that might cause by severe acne such as from rosacea acne to cystic acne.

All of this become possible since the Clarifying mask contains active sulfur, antibacterial called Resorcinol, and natural ingredients such as Bilberry and Kelp Extracts.

8. Probiotic Complex

probiotic complexWhy a probiotic supplement included in an acne treatment product? As you might know, probiotic is a colon cleansing supplement, so what is has to do with acne?

The truth is, pimples, redness, inflammation is not always caused by bacterias. If your colon contaminated with impurities and harmful bacteria, it will cause skin damage in the long run. In fact, most adult acne caused by intestinal health problems.

So if your colon is healthy, so your skin. By taking this Probiotic Complex, it will help you gain your colon health back. Therefore, you can fight acne not just from a topical side, but also from inside your body.

Now you know how to apply each one of these product for best result, it is time to make a decision.

All of these nine product lines is called The Ultimate 9-Piece Kit, which you can buy for $99.95



If you still not sure which kit you should buy, we suggest that you go with the Ultimate Kit – since it consist all of the product lines for maximum acne treatment.

Customer Reviews

As we mentioned in the few first paragraph above, there only about 2% customers who actually complaint, give negative reviews, and request for money back guarantee. Some of them even cancel their membership. The majority of people who become customer, giving their satisfied and happy reviews that includes the product effectiveness, result, and even the customer support service quality.

Below you can read few of customer reviews we took from Amazon to make sure that you read real reviews.

Customer one


customer two







Discount and Promo Code and Where to Buy

Currently Exposed Skin Care company do not offer coupon code, but we will post the code here when it is available, so make sure to check back here regularly. When the code available, it will usually can be applied to all the Exposed product lines.

Whether you just want to purchase one or multiple products, or you would like have your second order, or combination of order, the code usually will work you.

There only two places where you can purchase Exposed safely. It is from the larger marketplace on Earth, or through Exposed its own official website. We only recommend these two sites in order for you to purchase the products.

You can rest assured that Exposed Skin Care is widely used by people with great success. You will invest for something that will finally get rid your acne effectively.